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Welcome to DEZ Arms, Inc.

An industry leader since 2004, DEZ Arms, Inc. manufactures custom match AR15 barrels used by tactical, snipers, law enforcement, military, hunters and recreational shooters.

We pride ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment. Our reputation for precision accuracy along with outstanding customer service has made us a recognized name in the firearms industry, capitalizing on the sustained interest throughout the USA.

Our mission is simple, DEZ Arms' barrels --
the best BANG for the Buck!

Where accuracy shot says it all.

Barrel Break in and Cleaning

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AR15 DEZ AR-15 11.5" Commando Upper
AR15 DEZ AR-15 16" Dissipator
AR15 DEZ Tack-Driver 5.56 Upper
AR15 DEZ Tack-Driver Series 5.56 A3 Fluted Upper Groups
AR15 A3 Upper w/UltraMatch 56.8 SPC Barrel
AR15 New M16A1 Barreled Upper
AR15 Match Barrel Rifle Upper Group with YHM Tube
M16A1 Retro Barreled Upper
AR15 Match 18” Mid-Gas Barrel
AR15 Match Bull Barrels
AR15 Match Grade Barrels
1919 A4 30
AK47 Gas Block
1919 A4 T & E Leveling Extension and Stabilizer
1919 A4 Booster / Flash Hider
1919 A4 Barrels